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Peggy Boyd.

In memory of Peggy Boyd.


                     28 April 1937  -  20 September 2002


           what's it all about ?
In the autumn of 2002, when my mother, Peggy Boyd, died after a long battle against cancer, I promised myself that I would do something to repay the kindness and good will shown by so many people during her illness, especially the Marie Curie nurses.

Well, 6 years later I am going to make good on that promise and set myself a serious challenge in the hope that I could raise plenty of money for an outstanding organisation.
The Marie Curie Cancer charity survives on donations !
So I have decided to cycle from " end to end ", which by anyone standards is a pretty gruelling task and by mine it is gargantuan.

Months of training, lots of talk about doing it, some thoughts about whether I was going to actually complete... well I made my promise, I set the challenge and now I am up for it.

I have some more weeks and some serious training, all the route and planning is done... ready to go.
At this stage I will say thanks to everyone who has given me advice and support...now lets see your money ...THANKYOU

Boydi April 2008


HomePeggy Boyd.PHOTOSMAP, Stuff, DIARY